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These are the modifications that I have done to the car.

Stock Manifolds and Stock Y-Pipe
Suspension Modifications
BMR Boxed Lower Control Arms, BMR Non-Adjustable Panhard Rod, BMR Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets, BMR Shock Tower Brace, BMR Boxed Subframe Connectors, BMR Non-Adjustable Torque Arm, SLP Bilstein Shocks, GM 1LE 32mm Front Sway bar, GM 1LE 21mm Rear Sway Bar and Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushings.

Engine Performance Modifications

FMS F10 Cam, Manley Valvesprings, Manley Titanium Retainers, Manley Pushrods, TR Ported LS6 Oil Pump, Direct Flo Airlid, ASP Crank Underdrive Pulley, Throttle Body Bypass, !EGR Mod, NGK TR55IX Spark Plugs gapped at 0.050", MSD 8.5mm Superconductor Ignition Wires, BG Ram Air Mod, Redline 10w-30 Synthetic Motor Oil, QTP Long Tube Headers, QTP Catted Y-Pipe, Shaner S3 TB, Magnaflow Catback and LS1 Edit.

Most recent dyno:
322.2 rwhp (SAE Corrected)
329.0 ft-lbs (SAE Corrected)

Miscellaneous Modifications

Midwest 3600/2.0 Torque Converter, 50/18 Window Tint, Firebat Decals, Corvette Fuel Rail Covers and Powerslot Rotors with GM Pads. I have upgraded the stereo in the car. The parts I used:

Alpine CDA-D857 Head Unit
MTX 6500D (775x1 Wrms) Mono Block Amplifier
Alpine Type-S DVC 10" Sub
Infinity 6000cs Componet Speakers
MTX 4202 (85x2 Wrms) Amplifier

Recent Mods:

1. Installed a 3.42 rear end into my car. The car originally had 2.73's. I bought a rear end from a 2002 Collector Edition Trans Am M6. The install is straight forward. This was my second best mod. The first being the Torque Converter.

2. Installed a B&M 24,000 GVW Transmission Cooler. This was put in series with stock cooler. The new cooler was installed in front of the A/C Condenser and fit perfectly.

3. Replaced the Yank TT3000/3.0 TC to a Midwest 3600/2.0 TC. Since going to the 3.42's, the Yank was very unefficient and costing me ET at the track. Since installing the Midwest, I gained 0.4seconds and 4mph over the Yank TC. The Midwest is very streetable. When releasing the brake with the car in drive, the car will barely pull. The TC lock up is smooth and unlocks smooth as well. I would highly recommend going with a Midwest. I bought the TC from John@ High performance Associates and he was very knowledgeable in selecting the right TC for my application. The Midwest TC has a 2 year warranty and 1 free restall.

4. The Hypertech Programmer III has been removed and purchased LS1 Edit from Carputing, LLC. This is more powerful and gives control over every aspect of the stock programming.  

BMR Panhard Rod and BMR Lower Control Arms

BMR Shock Tower Brace