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Hurst Line Lock Installation

This page is showing the Hurst Line Lock installation using Thunder Racing's pre-bent brake lines and wiring harness.

The Hurst Line Line Lock is a nice benefit at the track. What it does is allows the front brakes to have full clamping force. While leaving the rear brake fully relaxed. This has two benefits:

1. Instead of power braking, which destroys the rear brakes across time, there is no wear on the rear brakes during the burnout.

2. Allow better heating of the tires to get them stickier. This will reduce 60ft times and lower the ET.


Line Lock Solenoid and wiring harness. The install was easy and the brakes needed bleeding after the install.

Instead of using the supplied switch from Thunder Racing, I used the Converible top/down switch. This require the use of a relay since the stock switch is momentary.

This is where I ran the wires through the firewall. This is on the driver's side by the steering column. Just drilled a hole and used the supplied grommet to prorect the wires.