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Hooker Long Tube Header Installation Pictures

Parts list for the QTP Header Install

Quicktime Performance Long Tube Headers
Quicktime Performance Catted Y-Pipe
(2) GM Exhaust Gaskets
(8) NGK TR-55IX Spark Plugs gapped at 0.050"
(1) Tube of Anti-Sieze
(1) Can of Penetrating Fluid

The Passenger Side LT Header
The oil dipstick had to be removed from this side. The Header went in from the bottom with no problems. The headers were tightened 11ft-lbs from center out on the first pass. On the second pass, 18ft-lbs from center out.
Header Flange

The header flange has was welded on the outside of the primaries. The inside has been grinded down to provide maximum exhaust flow.

Header Collector

The header collector has perfect welds and the O2 bung is on the inside of the collector. The collector also has a turbulence spike to aid in scavenging.

Stock GM Manifolds
The are the original manifolds. Rather restrictive compared to the Hooker Tong Tube Headers. The Hooker LT's have 1.750" primaries and the stock manifolds have 1.625" primaries. The Hooker Headers also have 3" collectors. The Hooker LT Headers and Y-Pipe have slip fit connections. These eliminate the use of flanges which increases ground clearence.
Turbulence Spike

The turbulence spike is in the center of all of the primaries and is pointing out.

Turbulence Spike

Here a clearer picture of the spike.

304 Stainless Steel

These headers are made from 304 Stainless Steel and has a thickness of 0.049". These headers do not need coated since they are 304 SS. 304 SS acts like ceramic coating and keeps the heat inside the header. Plus, they will never rust.